Micro Consulting

Micro consulting is a modern approach to business consulting that focuses on providing targeted, actionable advice to clients on specific challenges or opportunities. Unlike traditional consulting, which often involves comprehensive and long-term engagements, micro consulting

offers bite-sized, focused solutions that deliver immediate value. It's an ideal option for small and medium-sized businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs who need expert guidance without the commitment of a full-scale consulting project.


Areas of micro consulting

Marketing Strategy

New Market Strategy

Brand Consulting

Website Consulting

Content and Micro Content Consulting

Project Management

Software / IT Consulting

eCommerce Consulting


Evaluate the performance, usability, and effectiveness of your website to identify areas for improvement and optimization. We'll conduct a comprehensive audit that assesses your website's design, content, SEO, user experience, and technical aspects, providing you with actionable recommendations to enhance your online presence.

Client Example: An e-commerce store specializing in outdoor gear saw a significant improvement in website traffic, user engagement, and sales conversions after implementing the recommendations from our website audit. The audit identified issues with page load speed, mobile responsiveness, and product categorization, which were promptly addressed to create a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Market Research

Gain insights into your target market, understand customer preferences, and make data-driven decisions. We'll conduct surveys, focus groups, and competitive analysis to provide you with actionable market intelligence.

Client Example: A vegan restaurant successfully expanded its menu and attracted a broader customer base after conducting market research that revealed a demand for gluten-free options and plant-based desserts.



1 hour deep dive into your content, strategy, on page SEO/Keywords, brand story, opportunities, and inbound goals.

Includes ideas, strategy, framework and screen recording.

Project Consult

1 hour deep dive into your upcoming project. Answer any questions, provide context, share insights and recommendations.

Social Media Content


1 hour deep dive into your micro-content, community and brand goals.

Develop a winning social media plan to engage your audience, boost brand visibility, and drive conversions. We'll help you choose the right platforms, create engaging content, and analyze performance metrics.

Includes ideas, strategy, framework and screen recording.

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