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As a strategic advisor and consultant with a decade of experience in digital media, leadership, and growth, I offer practical guidance to clients. If you're looking to gain clarity on your strategy and explore new initiatives, my expertise can provide the objective insights you need to make informed decisions.

Areas of consulting

Marketing Strategy

New Market Strategy

Brand Consulting

Website Consulting

Content and Micro Content Consulting

Project Management

Software / IT Consulting

eCommerce Consulting


Senior Executives

Startup Founders

Small Business Owners



Example engagments

Embedded Leadership:

Organizations often grapple with executing complex projects that venture into uncharted territory, such as entering a new market or transitioning from a B2B to B2C model. Such projects demand an experienced leader who can seamlessly integrate into the organization. As an embedded leader, I am readily available to spearhead projects, shape strategy, define roadmaps, and gradually build a sustainable internal team to take ownership. Let's execute.


Narrative Strategy:

A consistent narrative is a powerful tool often underestimated by executives. Narrative strategy helps leaders and brands articulate their vision, fostering internal alignment and enhancing external positioning with partners, attracting customers, potential hires, and collaborations.


One on One Sessions:

Strategy sessions that blend idea generation, reflective analysis, strategic landscape assessment, and vision clarification, with the primary goal of understanding and unblocking blind spots.


Tangible Innovation:

For organizations seeking innovation, I offer a diverse skill set spanning user research, rapid prototyping, creative ideation, organizational design, and go-to-market strategy. I help clients create innovations, invent products, and build new businesses, enabling actual market launches beyond theoretical plans.


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